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Biking world champion says an Ebike helped him get back on his feet

Jacob Peters has loved bikes for as long as he can remember, His mom says he was probably riding before he was walking. Jacob has also been competing for as long as he can remember, and last year, his incredible biking skills earned him the title of world champion. He beat out hundreds of other hopefuls, and he says that when he won the title that day, he felt as though it was just the beginning of a long and prosperous career. Today, we got to interview this amazing young man, and learn a little bit more about the tragic turn and then sudden return to success that has recently come to define his career.

Right after Jacob won the world championships, he decided to take a break from competing, and instead, he decided to sign up for a tour of fundraising rides. He explains, "Essentially, there are rides where we are riding the same kinds of routes that we would be if we were competing, but instead of competing for ourselves, we are representing charities. If we win, then whoever we are representing wins the cash prize. So after so long being on the road for competitions, I thought it would be nice to give something back. The first race that I did for charity was in Utah, and the trail was actually a lot more intense than I had thought it would be. I was kind nervous as I hadn't really been training at that point, but I wasn't too worried. I have been riding bikes my whole life, so I had experience on my side."

Unfortunately for Jacob, there were other less experienced riders on that trail that day, and after only 10 minutes of riding, two young competitors crashed into each other. Because they were at the front of the pack, everyone behind them started piling up or flying off the track to avoid hitting the pile up. Jacob was one of the riders who tried to avoid the pile up only to crash into rocky terrain that threw him over his handle bars. "I ended up with the worst injury for a bike rider. I broke my leg in three places, and ended up in a cast for over two months."

When the cast finally came off, Jacob knew he has to get back to training, but he also didn't want to risk his leg out in the bike trails. "I had this kind of ahh-hah moment when I realized that I could just buy an Ebike to practice on until I was comfortable getting back out there. The electric bicycle changed my life. I learned how to train in a more efficient manner than I had ever trained before. I learned to monitor my heart rate using the bike's accessories. Most important of all was that because I was able to work consistently on biking with different resistance to strengthen my leg from the comfort of my own home. I honestly could not be more thrilled with the results I got from training on an Ebike."